Each of the staff members is handpicked for their expertise, unique personal skills, and technical ability.

At In-Spiraling Movement Arts clients can be confident that all therapists and trainers undergo yearly continuing education in their respective fields.









Lisa Marie Goodwin-Rice

Director of In-Spiraling Movement Arts

Authorized International Master Trainer GYROTONIC® / GYROKINESIS® / Master Trainer of all Specialized Equipment / GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® LEVEL 2 Master Trainer / Ballet dancer / Specialized Workshops


Lisa Marie one of the 16 Authorized Specialized GYROTONIC®  Master Trainers in the world for the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® as well as a GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Level 2 Master Trainer and a certified Master Trainer of all GYROTONIC® Specialized Equipment and specialized workshops.

Lisa Marie has been a dancer since the age of 3. During her professional ballet career, she performed nationwide with several companies including the San Francisco Ballet, Cleveland Ballet, LA Classical Ballet and Helios Dance Theatre. Lisa Marie's background in movement naturally kindled her interest in GYROTONIC®, Pilates, and other movement-based therapeutic disciplines.

In 1991, she began her extensive training in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, created and founded by Juliu Horvath. Throughout her GYROTONIC® training, Lisa Marie travelled from her home in California to New York to work privately with Juliu in his studio, White Cloud. She frequently hosted him in Long Beach, and eventually in Los Angeles as well, to teach classes and workshops. Lisa Marie earned her first Level as a GYROTONIC® Trainer in 1994, and in 1998 Juliu appointed her as a Level 1 GYROTONIC® Master Trainer and in 2011 as a GYROTONIC® Level 2 Master Trainer. Lisa Marie became one of the first GYROKINESIS® certified Level 1 Trainers, then a GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer and by 2008, Juliu raised Lisa Marie's status to GYROKINESIS® Level 2 Master Trainer.

In 1992, Lisa Marie became a certified Pilates instructor under the tutelage of Marie-Jose Blom-Lawrence at Long Beach Dance Conditioning studio. She co-managed the studio and provided teacher training and certification to prospective Pilates instructors until 2000. She also studied under Marika Molnar (New York City Ballet's Physical Therapist) and Jean-Claude West (specialist in Kinesiology) and continues to take seminars and consult with them. During the same period, she was a principle dancer with LA Classical Ballet, Ballet Mistress for a season with the Guangzhou Ballet in China, and served as Director of the Children's Division of Long Beach Ballet Arts Center, teaching over 400 students. Lisa Marie was in high demand to assist ballet schools and dance companies set up Pilates and GYROTONIC® studios.

From 2000-2007, Lisa Marie was co-owner of LA Body Kinetics, directed the GYROTONIC® program of Angel City Body Kinetics with Marie-Jose Blom-Lawrence, and was a member of faculty at Loyola Marymount University teaching advanced classical ballet and GYROKINESIS® for dancers.

Lisa Marie founded White Crane Movement Arts, from which she ran a successful movement program and GYROTONIC® teacher training courses for over 15 years.

In 2007, Lisa Marie was appointed by Juliu Horvath to be an Authorized International Master Trainer. She is one of only 16 Authorized Master Trainers in the world. As an Authorized International Master Trainer, Lisa Marie conducts the GYROTONIC® Level 1 Final Certifications internationally and assists Certified Trainers in the rigorous process of becoming Master Trainers. She is a certified Master Trainer in all aspects of the system and specialized equipment and continues to deepen her knowledge and skills studying with Juliu Horvath on a regular basis.

In 2007, Lisa Marie her husband Jessie Rice founded In-Spiraling Movement Arts, Inc. They are running all aspects of GYROTONIC® studies there for both private clientele and continued education for instructors.

She travels extensively internationally conducting courses and workshops for the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. She has been an invited presenter at the Body Mind Spirit Conference since 2002. She also teaches specialized seminars focusing on injury prevention for dancers in schools and institutes such as Lines Ballet, California Institute for the Performing Arts, Inland Pacific Ballet, and Pasadena Ballet. While she was pregnant with her daughter, Lisa Marie began her Doula certification and wishes to further assist women with pregnancy issues in specialized workshops and classes. She studies and practices Medical Chi-Gong, combines healing on multiple levels with essential oils, and continues to embrace with grace and light the development of her studies in her career as a movement educator in the dance of life learning and sharing with others.



Jessie Rice

Director of In-Spiraling Movement Arts
Neuromuscular Healer, Founder of Rice Release Technique, Creator of Arnica Gold™, GYROTONIC®

Jessie Rice, creator of the Rice Release Technique™ and Arnica Gold™, is known throughout the healing industry for his excellence in therapeutic bodywork. He is a certified massage therapist and massage instructor with over seven year experience in medical research. Jessie is also an approved provider for continuing education by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Jessie's appreciation of the body and its systems was inspired by his Bachelor's degree in biology and Master's work in molecular biology. He performed laboratory research at Oregon Health Research. At the same time he studied classical ballet and jazz.

Jessie first began helping people as a mental health couselor for adults and adolescents in hospitals, group homes and domestic violence shelters. Working in the psychology field for over 13 years combined with his health science education and dance background helped Jessie first notice the importance of the mind-body connection in the healing process.

To further his understanding of the mind-body connection, Jessie traveled around the world to over 25 countries to learn more about bodywork and hands on healing practiced in other cultures. After his travels, Jessie arrived in Los Angeles, studied massage therapy and became an associate instructor at California Healing Arts college, He began a successful masssage therapy practice (A Touch of Compassion) working with doctors, acupuncturists, osteopaths and chiropractors to provide a holistic approach to healing.

During his practice, Jessie realized the benefits of combining bodywork and homeopathic herbs to work in harmony with the mind-body connection. He understood that the body releases its own painkillers but restricted blood flow can prevent it from reaching a traumatized area. To resolve this issue and aid his clients during their treament (and continue their healing afterward), he created his homeopathic cream, Arnica Gold™.  His formula contains arnica for its anti-inflammatory properties and calming effects on the nervous system, abenefistnd red clover, a vasodilator, to increase healing blood flow to the injury. Arnica Gold™ soothes and relieves muscle ache, brought on by trauma-and helps open up congested areas. Arnica Gold™ is now being used and sold by many different practitioners around the world.

Through the culmination of his spiritual upbringing, education. work, travel, and massage experience, Jessie created his own bodywork teachnique. The Rice Release™ method uses the mind-body connection to revive a flow of the body's healing mechanism: first approach is to assess holding and compensation patterns, then he addresses muscle spasm and faxcial restrictions that block or congest the body's response to trauma. Restoring the flow of blood, lymph and chi to the injured area reduces pain and encourages healing. Jessie's philosophy is that this flow must then be stabilized through healthy patterns of movement that help the body remain open. Jessie is Level 1 certified GYROTONIC® trainer, trained in the therapeutic applications of shoulder girdle, pelvic lumbar, hip and knee and is certified in the Archway.

Jessie has been successful in treating many different issues and injuries: the jaw, back, neck, chest, abdomen, leg hip, knee, calf, foot, angle, wrist and arms and many injuries such as TMJ, frozedn shoulder, scoliosis, herniated discs, -to name a few. Jessie also trained  as a doula and certified in pregnancy massage assisting in many births. Rice Release Technique™ and Arnica Gold™ used together with the GYROTONIC EXPANSIONSYSTEM® have been a powerful tool in rehabilitating professional athletes, dancers, musicians, doctors, physical therapists and others who enjoy moving.

Jessie founded In-Spiraling Movement Arts with his wife and parnter Lisa Marie. Both Jessie and Lisa Marie are much sought after for the healing and movement excellence they provide. Jessie's inspiration comes from the harmony and joy he feels while working directly with clients and students, helping them to create and experience a better quality of life.



Devon Dionne

GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer

Devon Bailey is a certified GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® instructor and an officially certified GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer with Lisa Marie . She also has certificates in GYROTONIC® Level II as well as on the Jumping Stretching Board, GYROTONER®, Leg Extension Unit, and ARCHWAY & Ladder Specialized Equipment.

Originally from a small town in Pennsylvania, Devon grew up studying dance and rhythmic gymnastics. She attended SUNY Purchase College where she received a BFA in dance performance in 2003. A year later, while apprenticing with the Buglisi/Foreman Dance Company in New York City, a fellow dancer introduced her to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.

Her clients range from the ages of 9 to 86 and include professional athletes, golfers, dancers, as well as people recovering from injuries. She brings into her sessions a unique sensitivity and joy of movement, while striving to develop within her clients a functional, intelligent body with both strength and flexibility, outstanding posture, and overall optimal health.


Nichole Beeks


Nichole Beeks has studied GYROTONIC® for the past 5 years in San Francisco under Master Trainers Debra Rose and Elizabeth Dawson. She is a recent graduate and member of the inaugural class of the Alonzo King Lines Ballet/ Dominican University of California BFA program. After graduating with a BFA in Dance and a minor in Psychology, Nichole danced professionally with Peninsula Ballet Theatre in San Mateo CA . Nichole has spent the past two summers sharing her passion for GYROTONIC® teaching young dancers in the Lines Ballet Summer Program the direct relation and application of GYROTONIC® in dance. She is also certified in the Leg Extension Unit and Jumping Stretching Board and is studying Level 2. She enjoys sharing her love for movement and this rejuvenating system with people of all backgrounds and movement experience.



Julie's love for movement began at the age of 5. She grew up dancing jazz, ballet, hip hop and rhythmic gymnastics. She was also a very active swimmer. In 2005 she moved to Chicago where she received a dance scholarship at Joel Hall Dance Center and performed for different companies throughout the city. It was here that Julie discovered the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and decided she wanted to make it a part of her life. She came to In-Spiraling Movement Arts to pursue her love for the movement and became a Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor in 2010. Since then she has completed and is certified on the Leg Extension Unit and Jumping Stretching Board with Lisa Marie Goodwin-Rice. Currently has completed her GYROTONIC® Level 2 Pre-training in pursuit of her Level 2 Foundation. She is very inspired by all forms of movement and looks forward to expanding her knowledge within the GYROTONIC® System.


Lavinia Suna Findikoglu

Lavinia Findikoglu grew up in Arlington, Virginia. She began dancing at an early age studied ballet at Arlington Center for Dance, and later the Washington School of Ballet. Her summers were spent away from home attending summer programs for Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, and Pacific Northwest Ballet.
In 2002 she moved to Boston. While there she earned a degree in ballet and modern dance from the Boston Conservatory. She performed works by Luis Fuente and Jose Limon, as well as her own choreography and that of her peers. It was at the Conservatory that she was first introduced to GYROKINESIS® (the mat work of the GYROTONIC® Expansion System).
After graduating, Lavinia moved to Los Angeles to pursue her interest in GYROTONIC®. She studied predominantly with Master Trainers Lisa Marie Goodwin and Barbara Schwarz. Lavinia is currently a certified Level 1 GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instructor.




Eden Jasper


Eden Jasper is a native New Yorker. She first began learning acupressure techniques in 1990, while studying abroad in China and offering herself as a subject for the Chinese medical students in her dorm. In New York for the past 16 years she has applied her bodywork and fitness experience to tailor sessions to her clients' needs.
After earning her bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies (Princeton, 1992), Eden studied massage therapy at the Swedish Institute in New York City, worked for a chiropractor for four years concurrently with opening and operating a successful wellness studio, Origin Works, in 1993. She continued her practice and collaborated with a Chinese acupuncturist/herbologist in treatments of acute cases pain, injury or illness. Throughout her career, Eden has studied a variety of bodywork modalities including Swedish massage, shiatsu, reflexology, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation- an intense form of assisted stretching), prenatal massage and myofascial release, particularly its application for special conditions and injuries.
Eden has pursued fitness throughout her life in martial arts, dance, weight training and rowing (she was a member of the Princeton crew team). Her teaching experience dates back to 1983, as a teenager instructing new martial arts students in her dojo, co-leading self-defense classes for teenage and college women, and teaching workshops in African dance. The accumulation of teaching experience has helped Eden refine her sensitivity to how people learn and change her approach as needed.
Eden began studying Pilates in 2002, and earned her certificates in mat and apparatus from the Kane School of Core Integration in 2008. The Kane School's teacher certification program is taught with a more medical, corrective emphasis than classical Pilates. It uses classical Pilates choreography and order of exercises but offers modifications for specific medical conditions, requires knowledge of anatomy and understanding of the physiology of movement. It also requires continuing study for certificate renewal. Eden's continuing study includes seminars on the rehabilitative and post-rehab application of Pilates, and most recently the Rice Release technique. (Please see Helpful Links for more details).
Eden began integrating myofascial techniques and biomechanics into her Pilates lessons and after coining it "Therapeutic Fitness," established Hands On Pilates in 2006. She operated in New York for 3 years and on Christmas of 2010 moved to LA to take the "long distance" part out of her relationship. Hands On Pilates is up and running in Pacific Palisades today.


Francesca Jandasek

GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer

Danielle Litman


A physical force since birth, Danielle Litman earned the nickname “The Hulk” after breaking a few walls (and noses) as a baby. Danielle’s parents enrolled her in dance and gymnastics at age two, looking for a more constructive outlet for her endless energy. She went on to compete with Abby Lee Dance Company (now featured on a popular reality TV show), travel the world and win many accolades and awards in both. In high school she shifted her focus to tennis, winning the Pittsburgh City Championship three years in a row and placing in the Israeli Maccabi (Olympics). She also excelled in track and field.

Danielle studied Dance at the University of Arizona and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Marketing, then continued her education in Musical Theatre at Carnegie Mellon University. Always a gamer, Danielle moved to Los Angeles to work in sports radio station while earning a degree in Graphic Design. She discovered GYROTONIC®—but worked full-time—so she practiced during her lunch hour and trained on weekends to get certified. She became a full-time GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Instructor, eventually to become certified on the GYROTONER® Leg Extension Unit and Stretching Jumping Board. She continues to develop her education by taking the GYROTONIC® LEVEL 2       Foundation and Pelivic/Lumbar Therapeutic courses. She has found her true calling healing and helping people.

“Teaching GYROTONIC® has taught me how to interact with the physical being though movement,” Danielle says. “I love the way GYROTONIC® helps people in all aspects of life.”

But she didn’t stop there. Danielle’s passion for her own total health drove her back to school to become a Certified and Licensed Esthetician. One of the top skin care professionals in Beverly Hills attracted Danielle—first as a client, then an apprentice—with their philosophy of healing the skin from the inside out.

Danielle has found the fountain of youth. She now shares her secrets in GYROTONIC® GYROKINESIS® ;and skincare to a select clientele.


Lani Rabin

Prior to raising three children, I had done practical nursing in a medical office for over five years where my passion of the body, health, and helping others were born. Always inspired by movement, I received my third stripe red belt in Tae Kwon Do before my own health issues led me to Pilates. I obtained certification in 2003 in Authentic Pilates™ through Romana Kryzanowska.


Through continued education I discovered GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® receiving my certification for both in early 2006 and continuing my education with certifications on the GYROTONER®, Jumping Stretching Board, Leg Extension Unit, and Archway Specialized Equipment.. My own experiences and discovered fuel my passion in teaching and I am continually inspired by the changes I see in others.


Bruno Artero


Artero has several years of teaching experience in GYROTONIC® and Pilates, combined with years of sports coaching. Bruno is a certified GYROTONIC® instructor. He completed his GYROTONIC® teacher training at In-Spiraling Movement Arts with Master Trainer Lisa Marie Goodwin-Rice. He has also completed training for the Jumping Stretching Board with Master Trainer Donna Place.
Bruno is certified in Pilates on All Apparatus, a training completed through Balanced Body University under Master Trainer Donna Parsons. Bruno is also a certified Booty Barre™ instructor and he holds a BA in Education from the Ecole Normale – Orleans (France). He taught 6-8th grades for a few years in France, with a specialization in PE teaching.
Bruno grew up in France as an athlete involved primarily in Rugby and Judo. His interest in GYROTONIC® and Pilates started ten years ago after he had stopped competitive sports. Around the same time he had started coaching Rugby in San Diego. Rugby coaching led him to being the Manager of the USA U18 National Team and to be a Pilates/Rugby Skills coach for UCSB. But discovering a new approach to movement and its multiple benefits for all populations, is what made him decide to become a GYROTONIC® and Pilates teacher. He co-founded in 2004 the Marla Bingham Studio, a successful GYROTONIC® and Pilates studio based in La Jolla, Ca. where he has taught extensively before moving recently to Los Angeles.
Bruno's clients range from the ages of 15 to 85 and include professional athletes, busy professionals, week-end warriors and seniors. By combining sound teaching principles, some motivational coaching when needed, and the exciting possibilities of the GYROTONIC® system, Bruno is looking forward to helping each client reach their fitness and wellness goals, while experiencing the joy of moving and feeling energized!










Kate Russel

GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer

Kate is a licensed GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® trainer. She is a certified GYROTONIC® PRE-TRAINER with Master Trainer Lisa Marie Goodwin-Rice and is certified on the Archway, Jumping Stretching Board and Leg Extension Unit. She trained extensively with master trainer Sebastian Plettenberg in NYC. A lifelong dancer and artist, Kate's early dance training includes a Certificate in Dance from the Ailey School. She earned a BA in Design from Central St Martins College in London UK, and taught in London for several years. While teaching in the UK she earned a Masters Degree in Dance and Somatic Well-Being. She is also a certified Dancemeditation practitioner. Kate's practice focuses on the healing and meditative qualities of movement, and how this enriches our daily lives.













Brenda Nieto


Brenda Nieto is a former member of both the Martha Graham Dance Company and Ballet Nacional de Mexico. Born in Guanajuato, Mexico, she began her dance education at the University of Guanajuato, studying Ballet and Graham Technique, while performing with Foro Libre of Contemporary Dance. Brenda continued her dance studies at the School of Ballet Nacional de Mexico. She was awarded a Coca-Cola scholarship of artistic excellence to study at the Martha Graham School in New York City, where she completed the Professional Trainee Program. In New York she also was a member of Dzul Dance Company and Nina Buisson Contemporary Move, among others. Brenda is a past faculty member of the dance department at the University of South Carolina and The Lovett School Fine Arts program in Atlanta Georgia. The Divine Comedy and Inner Drums were her first collaborations as choreographer for the USC Dance Company.
After a long journey performing and touring, Brenda decided to try GYROTONIC® method to recover from a knee injury and to experience the quality of movement and healing benefits. She fell in love with GYROTONIC® exercise and was inspired to become a teacher to pass on the same benefits to people and help them to embrace their bodies and prevent injuries. Brenda completed her Foundation Level I Training with Master Trainers Leda Franklin and Miriam Barbosa. She received her final teacher certification under the guidance of Master Trainers Lisa Marie Goodwin and Billy Macagnone. Brenda is certified in the GYROTONIC® Jump Stretch Board specialized equipment with Master Trainer Juergen Bamberger; and has completed the GYROTONIC® Golf Workshop under the guidance of David and Jeanie Rasmussen.
Brenda attended the GYROTONER® course in 2010 and became certified for GYROTONIC® Level 2 with Master Trainer Kathy Van Patten in January 2011.
In 2013 completed her GYROKINESIS®Certification under the guidance of Master trainer Mariarosa Guglielmi.




Samantha-Jane Gray

South African born Samantha-Jane Gray is an independent dance artist, choreographer and instructor, based in Los Angeles. Her passion for movement, and exploring the body, drew her to both Pilates and the GYROTONIC® work. Samantha grew a fascination with how being present through movement can be such a healing and opening journey, and wishes to share these values in her teaching. Samantha has worked with dancers, professional athletes, musicians, clients pre and post-natal and all clients who wish to experience the work, improve their physical well-being, rehabilitate an injury and aim for exquisite efficiency. Samantha has a keen admiration for all her clients who step through the door willing to improve each day and wishes to tailor each session to her client's daily and long- term goals.


Pilates Mat Certification 101
Standing Mat Certification 201
Equipment Certification 101
Standing Equipment Certification 201
Pre-Natal and Modifications

Gyrotonic® Level 1
Gyrotonic® Level 2 Program 1